On the left of the picture, Montserrat Feliu, Managing Partner of ExpatFeliu, and on the right, Marta Marín, CEO of the company Etalentum Anoia&Bages.

Etalentum Anoia&Bages and ExpatFeliu collaborate to offer Global Mobility solutions in the selection process of internacional profiles.

Companies are setting up international work teams, both at their main offices in Spain and in its international subsidiaries and projects. Regulatory compliance is becoming increasingly complex, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this complexity has only increased.

Etalentum Anoia&Bages has more demands from clients with the need to incorporate international profiles, and ExpatFeliu has become the Strategic Partner in Global Mobility.

How does this happen?

On the one hand, ExpatFeliu is the division of Feliu N&I, a company specialising in internationalisation consultancy, in the management of projects for the establishment of companies abroad and in the support of foreign companies and multinational clients for their establishments in our country.

ExpatFeliu’s business objective is to provide the necessary support to clients to have the right people in the right place at the right time. For this reason they are focused on offer comprehensive and customized solutions to the companies in their process of posting of workers to other countries, as well as the selections and impatriation of foreign professionals. 

On the other hand, Etalentum Anoia&Bages is a human resources consultancy business which goal is providing companies with a professional selection or recruitment service all over the world to meet the needs of their clients. All is focused on its vision: being the European provider of proximity headhunting services.

Keeping in mind the objectives of both companies, the collaboration is developed under the demand-side business framework, by Etalentum Anoia&Bages, to incorporate profiles in the international field and ExpatFeliu has become the Strategic Partner in Global Mobility.

What is the goal of the collaboration between Etalentum and ExpatFeliu?

The main objective is to provide companies with migratory-labour and tax advice from ExpatFeliu in the definition of job offers and focus, in the definition of job offers and in this way focus on the selection of internationally oriented staff, having regarded all the important aspects that will determine the future of the candidature.

It is essential to be able to understand and value the migration aspects related to the requirements of the candidature to, later, select the best strategy to carry out the application for residence and work permits for foreign workers, requirements about working visa and having in mind labour aspects and tax aspects when we talk about incorporating profiles with the intention of expatriating or moving the worker outside our borders.

For this reasons, Etalentum Anoia&Bages y Expatfeliu, have joined forces to offer a 360º service with the aim of helping our clients in their personal selection and recruit talented people focused on international level.

ExpatFeliu can help you with the previous analysis of immigration, labor and tax aspects, expatriation policies and manuals, international social security, health care services, and with the optimization of travel management (Business Travel).

For furthe more information, you can contact with us through our contact form, or send us an e-mail to and our advisors specialized in foreigners will be glad to help you!


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