For those non-community foreigners who have enough funds and are not going to engage in any economic activity in Spain, visa for non-profit residence is a great choice.

What is a non-profit residence visa?

The non-profit residence visa is a type of residence in Spain that non-European people can apply with the purpose of not carrying out any economic activity, but it does give permission to reside in the country.

This type of residence visa gives the applicant the opportunity to stay in Spain for 1 year since the first day of entry into Spanish territory, as it is considered an initial residence authorization.

Later, such residence authorization give the chance of sucessive renewal from 2 years periods, until reach the permanent or long-term residence.

Now that you know a bit more about non-profit residence, in this blog entry we will focus on explaining its main characteristics and the requierements for its application and how about obtaining it.

Who is the non-profit residency visa intended for?

As mentioned before, one of the most significant aspects about non-profit residence is that it does not allow you to work, sicne its nature is not-for-profit.

What benefits does non-profit residence provide?

Here we explain the main advantages of non-profit residency:

  • It is available for the whole family: all family members can obtain a non-profit residence visa with a join application

  • Allows to obtain long-term residence or citizenship, if the applicant wishes in a long term

  • Cannot work in the country, but you can invest in

  • Opens the door to the chance of studying and doing paid internships as long as it is for training purposes

  • Allows travelling around Schengen, considering that they must be non-profit and for a period of time not exceeding 90 days

What are the requirements for the application?

There are many requirements that must be in order to obtain non-profit residence to live in Spain.

Let’s review one by one:

  • Demonstrate that sufficient funds are available, since this residence permit does not allow the holder to work in Spain. It is enough to demonstrate that you can guarantee the payment of the stay and the return to the country of origin
    The amount is calculated as it is shown below:
    >Monthly support corresponding to 400% of the IPREM
    >For the support of each of dependent family members, 100% additional IPREM

  • Having full medical insurance coverage in Spain

  • Lack of criminal record, both in Spain and in the country of origin

  • Not to be in an irregular situation in the country of origin

  • Not being within the period of commitment not to return to Spain

  • Not being banned to entry in Schengen territory

Application procedure, documentation and waiting period

First of all, it must be taken into account that the application for a non-profit residence visa must be made from the country of origin or country from where the applicant is residing at the time of the application.

Afterwards, should prepare the necessary documents required by our immigration consultants for the application of your non-profit residence.

At last, keep in mind that the resolution period is 3 months.

If you would like more information on how to obtain a non-profit residence visa, our advisors specialised in internationalisation will be happy to analyse your situation in a personalised way so that you can finally travel without restrictions.

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