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Expatfeliu offers a wide range of services related to International Mobility and Corporate Immigration.

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Within the framework of internationalization projects, we offer solutions for the incorporation of companies, management of subsidiaries, advice on international contracting (contracts for the award of works and projects, agency, distribution, sale, supply, technical outsourcing, joint venture), as well as we support companies in the closing of subsidiaries and all their tax, accounting and legal obligations when leaving a country.

Our purpose is to offer a comprehensive advice that allows to obtain clear conclusions regarding the best time to carry out the displacement, fulfilling the tax obligations in both territories (origin and destination), as well as the analysis of the present and future tax contingencies, solving in a clear way the doubts that our clients may have.

International Security

Companies have to plan and organize the risks that their employees may have during a trip, before the crisis situation occurs and have mechanisms that act quickly and in a coordinated manner.

The moral and legal obligation of companies to take all these measures to ensure the safety of their employees' business trips is what is known as duty of care. This concept applies


We organize the necessary support for arrival and departure to a destination. From the search for schools, training, support in home services, pets, administrative procedures and all the support services that may be needed.

Real Estate

You need find accommodation in your new city? We support you in the search for the best accommodation based on the requirements demanded and the time period required.


Do you need advice on insurance to carry out your global mobility project? At ExpatFeliu we advise and manage the obtaining of travel insurance, health assistance for displaced persons and / or expatriates, civil liability, life and disability insurance and other coverage such as kidnapping, rescue, and crisis situations, among others.


 For a document to be valid abroad, in many cases it is necessary to legalize or apostille it depending on the country of destination. From ExpatFeliu we manage the legalization or apostille of the document for its validity in any country in the world.


We manage the necessary translations with the utmost agility and professionalism. We also have partners specialized in technical and sworn translations.


We coordinate all the necessary training for employees and their families, especially training in local languages.

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