Migration services for international mobility projects to Uruguay.

Uruguay is being a receiver of the foreign enterprises establishments in a context of economic growth. Moreover, a transnationalization or regionalization process of the Uruguayan enterprises that are internationalizing is expected. The Spanish and Argentinian enterprises are the ones that more invest in Uruguay. In order to expatriate their management, technical and professional personnel, these enterprises will have to face with various migration proceedings in their regularization procedures.

ExpatFeliu, consultancy specialized in internationalization procedures, can help you with your international mobility projects to Uruguay. Spain is one of those countries which have an exemption from the tourist and business visas for periods not exceeding 90 days; however, it will be necessary to process an extension of the stays up to 180 days. There are the temporary residences for periods exceeding 180 days and up to 2 years, renewable for a period of 2 years; these temporal residences are divided in different categories among which we can find the technical workers or the entrepreneurs, directors, managers and administrative personnel of national and foreign enterprises. From the temporary residence it is possible to apply for the permanent residence, the correspondent documentation will vary depending on the situation in which the expatriated will be in Uruguay. Our services also offer the processing of the Mercosur residence for a period not exeeding 2 years.

The consulting and management for the above-described visas will also include the migratory proceedings necessary to be issued, such as legalizations and translations of the documents. Additionally, there can be a revision of the application of agreements to avoid the double taxation and regional conventions of social security or between countries.

A case by case study will be necessary in order to recommend the migration condition to apply for, having into account that the documental requirements will vary depending on the migration form. It is important that all these elements are considered for the international mobility projects of the foreign enterprises to Uruguay.


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