The European Union summit held in Brussels with the Latin American and Caribbean countries on 10 June led to the elimination of Schengen visas for citizens of Colombia and Peru.

Following various negotiations, the elimination of the Schengen visa is now a reality. The II CELAC-EU Summit, which was held in Brussels, was the setting for the signing of the agreement. Ollanta Humala, President of Peru, and Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, of Colombia, signed the agreements ending the visas.

This agreement aims to reduce the bureaucracy involved with entering EU territory as it includes the elimination of these visas to travel to the EU both for citizens from Colombia and Peru as these were the only two Latin American countries whose citizens were required to obtain a visa to travel to the EU in spite of an existing free trade agreement.
Said agreement will permit the citizens of these two countries to travel without a visa to the 26 countries in the European Union, except the United Kingdom and Ireland, comprising the Schengen Area for a maximum period of 90 days.

As one final step, the signing of these documents must be ratified by each one of the States that belong to the Schengen Area.

The disappearance of the visa will not be imminent as it is expected to enter into force in the last quarter of this year.

Spain is in favour of extending this measure also to Ecuador.


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