EB-6 visa for entrepreneurs in the United States.

The proposal to create this visa is part of the EB-5 visa reforms for investing immigrants. This visa is part of the reforms concerning the programme that offers permanent residency to foreigners who comply with certain requirements as far as the sums of their investments and job creation goals. It is expected to be submitted for voting on 30th September.

Permanent residency through investment (EB-5 visa) is available for people who can invest between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in the United States in a business that generates at least 10 full-time jobs without counting the investor’s family members.

The EB-6 visa aims to facilitate permanent stays in the country for entrepreneurs who commit to creating a minimum of five to ten full-time jobs for United States citizens within a period of two years.

Entrepreneurs who set up their business and create jobs for American workers:

It offers an incentive for economic growth and job creation through the creation of new «green card» categories.
It provides EB-6 green cards to 2 types of entrepreneurs:

1. Venture Capital-Backed: For entrepreneurs who obtain significant venture capital or financing for innovative ideas and products and create companies in the United States.

2. Self-Sponsored Start -Up: For entrepreneurs who have set up new businesses and can already prove the creation of jobs in the United States.

In addition, residence cards (EB-7) will be offered to E-2 treaty investors who have maintained said status for 10 years and have created at least 2 jobs for United States workers over a period of 10 years.


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