Pursuant to the provisions of Supreme Decree No. 206-83-EFC, foreign citizens residing in Peru must pay the Annual Foreigner’s Fee (TAE) corresponding to 2016, a tax that is payable by all foreigners residing in Peru.
The sum of said fee is US $20.00. This fee must be paid within the first quarter of the year; in other words, between January and March. The Decree establishes a single TAE payment and a fine of 100% per quarter. In other words, a surcharge of US $20.00 shall be paid per quarter if the fee is not paid within the period indicated or a total of US $100 per year.
All foreign residents may make the payment via the Internet as of 5th February even if they do not have a user account at the «Online Services» platform. It may be accessed via the Migrations portal. Payments are automatically recorded in the system.
In addition, the Annual Foreigner’s Fee may be paid at any Banco de la Nación branch. The holograms that were affixed to a person’s ID card after paying the fee have been eliminated. Public and private entities that need to do so may verify whether foreign residents are current on the payment of their obligations at the same website. If done through a legal representative, a power of attorney letter with an authenticated signature must be shown as well as the original foreigner’s ID card.

In any case, professionals and technicians contracted in the public sector, foreigners who are married to Peruvian citizens, foreigners residing in the country who have been granted political asylum, minors under 18 years of age and foreigners who are considered migratory immigrants who can prove monthly income that is less than the minimum living wages established by the Peruvian government are exempt from payment of the fee.


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