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Obtaining foreign nationality from Spain is a process that offers various alternatives, one of which is the opportunity to apply for foreign nationality for a direct relative. This option allows certain individuals to pursue dual nationality.

Who can apply for foreign nationality from Spain?

Individuals eligible to pursue nationality through this avenue are those with a direct connection to the desired foreign country. This includes:

  • Individuals whose parents are natives of the foreign country for which nationality is sought, i.e., born in that country.
  • Those who have a direct familial relationship with a national of the foreign country.

What documents are required for obtaining foreign nationality?

Once it has been established that you meet the requirements, our team of experts will provide you with detailed and personalized guidance. We will carefully analyze your situation and provide all the necessary support to gather and submit the required documents for completing the application for dual foreign nationality.

How do I apply for nationality by option?

To initiate the process, simply send us an email at or a message through our website, providing your details and objectives. We will reach out to you to discuss your availability and offer comprehensive guidance before commencing the procedure.

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