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Traveling abroad can result in the suspension of unemployment benefits

It is crucial for unemployment benefit recipients to understand the legal and financial implications of traveling abroad during this period. Current regulations state that any departure from the country can affect the right to receive this benefit, potentially leading to sanctions and the obligation to repay improperly received amounts.

Therefore, unemployed individuals must notify the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) of any trip abroad, even if it is short. Failure to notify can be considered a serious offense.

In addition to being considered a serious offense, according to SEPE, personal trips abroad can result in the suspension of unemployment benefits. This suspension can be temporary if the trip is short, and the beneficiary properly informs SEPE before leaving and upon returning.

If the trip exceeds 15 consecutive calendar days, the suspension of benefits becomes definitive for the period of absence from the national territory, requiring the beneficiary to re-register as a job seeker upon returning to Spain.

In specific cases, such as job searching or pursuing studies, beneficiaries can request special permits that allow the compatibility of benefits with stays abroad.

Consequences of traveling abroad while receiving unemployment benefits

SEPE may demand the repayment of all amounts received during the period the beneficiary is abroad without authorization.

In addition to the repayment of benefits, non-compliance with regulations can lead to additional administrative sanctions that vary according to the severity of the offense and the beneficiary’s recurrence.

It is essential for unemployment benefit recipients to consult with a legal advisor before planning any trip abroad to ensure compliance with all regulations and avoid sanctions.

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