Golden Visa


The Golden Visa, also known as the golden visa, has emerged in recent years as a highly popular method for obtaining residency in Spain, especially among citizens not belonging to the European Union (EU). This special residence permit program is designed for those who wish to make a significant investment in Spain, offering a relatively straightforward way to settle in the country and enjoy its numerous benefits.

One of the main attractions of the Golden Visa is its simplified application process compared to other types of visas and residence permits. Unlike many other options, the Golden Visa requires fewer requirements and bureaucratic procedures, making it an attractive option for those looking to avoid complexity and delays in the application process. Additionally, the fact that only one visit to Spain per year is required to renew the visa adds an additional level of convenience and flexibility for visa holders and their families. The main requirement to obtain the Golden Visa is to make an investment in Spain, earning it the nickname “Investor Visa”.

This investment can take various forms, including the purchase of real estate, investment in shares of Spanish companies, bank deposits, or Spanish public debt. The minimum investment amount required varies depending on the type of asset chosen, providing applicants with a variety of options to suit their individual needs and preferences. In summary, the

Golden Visa in Spain represents an attractive option for those looking to settle in the country and enjoy its numerous benefits, from freedom of movement within the European Union to investment opportunities and the Mediterranean lifestyle. Its simplified application process and flexible requirements make it a popular choice among international investors looking to reside in Europe.

At ExpatFeliu, we have extensive experience in providing specialized advice and managing the visa process for foreign investors looking to establish themselves in Spain. This visa is granted not only to the main investor but also to their family members, provided that the corresponding requirements are met. Whether you are considering property purchases, investment in business projects, or financial assets in Spain, we offer the necessary guidance to apply for the Investor Visa. Contact us for more information and start your process hassle-free. │


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