New Spanish Rules for the issue of Passports.

The Spanish Council of Ministers approved last 6th June the Royal Decree 411/2014 modifying another one from 11th July 2003 on the ordinary passport issue and its characteristics. This allows clarifying the passport´s issue for minors, incorporates new technics and adjusts the documents necessary to apply for a passport with the ones required for the National identity document.

According to this regulation, to issue a minor passport, this will have to be allowed by both parents having the legal custody; the physical presence of the applicant will be necessary, as well as its identity number, the application, a picture and an evidence of payment; there are also new technical requirements referred to the filiation data, the digitalized-picture, the dactylic impressions, as well as the technical characters allowing a machine-readable option.

Moreover, the regulation allows the residents abroad and applying for a passport, to substitute the presentation of the Identity number for the passport or the birth certificate from the Civil Registry or the Consulate in which the applicant is registered. Finally and as an exception, the inability of the applicant to deliver the necessary documentation to apply for a new passport, because of an emergency or another justified reason, will be solved by the possibility to issue the passport for a period of one year.


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