Britain's new immigration measures


Last week, the British government, led by Rishi Sunak, announced Britain’s new immigration measures, a set that will significantly impact immigration in the United Kingdom.

One of the key measures involves raising the minimum salary for skilled workers starting from the spring of 2024. It will increase from the current £26,200 to £38,700, roughly equivalent to €45,000. Furthermore, as part of Britain’s new immigration measures, the exemption allowing a 20% lower salary for immigrants in certain hard-to-fill jobs will be eliminated.

Visas associated with healthcare and caregiving professions will be strengthened, preventing beneficiaries from bringing their families to the United Kingdom. Since Brexit, the country has faced the need to import doctors, nurses, and caregivers, which this measure aims to address.

This will also affect students, making it more difficult for them to bring their families to the UK. These measures could lead to wage increases, while industries such as hotels, restaurants, and retail express concerns about the inflationary impact of a 10% rise in the minimum wage.

On the other hand, universities heavily rely on international students to maintain their financial stability, considering that these students pay much higher fees than domestic students.

The year 2024 is shaping up to be a critical period for UK immigration policy, and soon, the definitive measures to be adopted will be revealed.

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