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Digital Nomad Visa: Your Guide to Remote Work in Spain

What is the Digital Nomad Visa?

Due to the changes society has faced and the development of new technologies, companies have been evolving in a digital realm that allows them to attract talent regardless of borders.

The Digital Nomad Visa is a type of visa or temporary residence permit that some countries have implemented to allow remote workers or digital nomads to live and work in their territory for a specified period, usually temporarily.

Who can apply for it?

The visa for international teleworkers, also known as the visa for digital nomads, is limited to teleworkers who are not part of the European Union. Therefore, within the general conditions, we need to consider:

  • The applicant for the digital nomad visa must be a teleworker from a third country (not belonging to the European Union).
  • The company with which the worker has a labor relationship must be located outside Spanish territory.

What Type of Worker Can Apply for This Visa?

Both dependent and independent workers who meet the criteria specified in the relevant regulations can apply for this visa:

  • They must be graduates or postgraduates from a reputable university or business school.
  • They should have the necessary and minimum experience of 3 years in the relevant field.
  • We can also differentiate between employees and self-employed workers:
    • Those working under a labor contract, with a minimum of 1 year of seniority with a company or group of companies. In this case, the company must have a demonstrable and continuous activity for at least one year.
    • Those working as self-employed professionals, with a minimum of 12 months of seniority.

Can I Work in Spain with This Visa?

You can work in Spanish territory depending on the employment status of the worker, as follows:

  • If you are an employee: You cannot work for a company domiciled in Spanish territory.
  • If you are self-employed: You can work for a Spanish company when the work you do is equal to or less than 20% of your total professional activity.

Can I Apply for the Digital Nomad Visa while in Spain?

Yes, you can apply for the visa from both within and outside Spain. Depending on the labor or commercial regime in which the worker falls, they may or may not work for a company established in Spanish territory.


While the requirements are specific in both the law and subsequent instructions that have been issued, it’s important to begin the process with experts who can review all the documentation in detail.

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