Updates to Entry and Residence Conditions for Highly Qualified Employment

On May 8, 2023, the transposition of Directive (EU) 2021/1883 concerning the migration of highly qualified individuals was officially published in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

This transposition brings about significant changes related to the entry and residence conditions for third-country nationals seeking highly qualified employment within the European Union. Notable changes include:

  1. Inclusive Entry Criteria: This Directive introduces two types of authorizations for highly qualified personnel, removing the previous requirement for a university degree. Applicants with higher education qualifications are now eligible. This includes a residence authorization for EU Blue Card holders.
  2. Wider EU Blue Card Eligibility: The EU Blue Card, originally for highly qualified workers, can now be granted to their spouses, partners, minor and adult children who are economically dependent, and dependent ascendants, subject to specific legal requirements.
  3. Simplified Employer Requirements: Size and turnover requirements for employers have been eliminated, extending the scope to include small and medium-sized enterprises.

These changes offer greater flexibility and opportunities for highly qualified professionals and their families. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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