Spanish Nationality by residence


Currently, there are various ways to acquire Spanish nationality. One of these methods is through Spanish nationality by residence, which involves meeting specific requirements to qualify. If you’re seeking more information on this topic, we provide all the details below.

Requirements for Spanish Nationality by Residence

What are the residence requirements for obtaining Spanish nationality?

The general requirement to be eligible for Spanish nationality by residence is effective, continuous, and immediate residence for a period of 10 years. However, there are exceptions to this timeframe, which we will examine closely.

Exceptions and Conditions

Are there exceptions to the residence requirements?

Exceptions to the fulfillment of the residence time vary based on the applicant’s nationality of origin, their status, and the applicable current regulations. Here are some of the exceptions:

  • Refugees: Those holding refugee status need only fulfill a requirement of effective residence for 5 years instead of 10.
  • Nationals of Ibero-American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, and Portugal: Individuals from these countries must fulfill a requirement of effective residence for 2 years.
  • Special Conditions: Depending on their situation, some applicants are required to provide evidence of only one year of effective residence. This applies to individuals born on Spanish territory, those who have not timely exercised the right to opt for Spanish nationality, individuals who have been legally under guardianship, legal representation, custody, or foster care of Spanish citizens or institutions for two consecutive years, those married to a Spanish man or woman, widows or widowers of a Spanish spouse in cases where there is no legal or factual separation, and those born outside of Spain to parents or grandparents who were originally Spanish.

Documentation and Process

What is the process of applying for Spanish nationality by residence?

In all cases, residence must be effective, continuous, and immediate. This necessitates the provision of necessary evidence and official documentation for each application. It is essential to contact and initiate the process with specialized professionals, as the average processing time for applications is around 2 years. If documentation is not presented correctly, additional documentation may be required, or in the case of denial, recourse to legal proceedings through Administrative Litigation may be necessary.

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