The purpose of the regulation is to establish a specific regulatory framework to support the creation and growth of emerging companies in Spain, aimed at promoting their relocation to Spain, attracting talent and international capital, as well as stimulating public and private investment in them, among other objectives.

On many occasions, workers in start-up companies can carry out their work remotely, as long as they have a computer and internet connection. Among other novelties, to regulate the residence of this profile of itinerant professionals and of many others who may choose Spain as a more stable place of remote working, a new category of visa and residence permit has been created.

The international telecommuting visa allows you to enter and reside in Spain for a maximum of one year – unless the work period is shorter – while its holders work for themselves or for employers anywhere in the world. The international telecommuting visa is a sufficient title to reside and work remotely in Spain during its validity. Within sixty calendar days before the expiration of the visa, international teleworkers who are interested in continuing to reside in Spain may request residence permit for international teleworking, as long as the conditions that generated the validity of the visa are maintained.

In addition, the residence permit for international remote working allows foreigners who are already regularly in Spain to request an authorization for a maximum period of three years -unless it is requested for a shorter period of work-, renewable for a period of two years -when the conditions that generated the validity of the permit are maintained-, being able to obtain permanent residence after five years.

The national of a third State is authorized to remain in Spain to carry out a work or professional activity remotely for companies located outside the national territory, through the exclusive use of means and computer systems, telematics and telecommunications;

  • In the case of carrying out a work activity, the holder of the permit for international teleworking may only work for companies located outside the national territory.
  • In the case of exercising a professional activity, the holder of the permit for international teleworking will be allowed to work for a company located in Spain, as long as the percentage of that work does not exceed 20% of the total of their professional activity.
  • Qualified professionals who can prove that they are graduates or postgraduates from prestigious universities, professional training centers and business schools of recognized prestige or with a minimum of three years of professional experience may apply for a visa or residence permit for telecommuting.


This assumption of “international teleworkers” is added to those provided for in Law 14/2013, of September 27th, on support for entrepreneurs and their internationalization, to benefit from all the advantages granted by that Law, not only in terms of the tight processing times, with positive silence at the end, but also because of the possibility of family reunification from an initial moment.


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